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By kleung

Grateful if I can be advised how to handle a problem I am encountering.
I am developing an application with PM 3.2.1 community version on Linux. The application requires uploading of a word or excel file and then pass the file to the tasks that follows. In these followed tasks, users can edit the contents of the file and continue passing on the file to the following tasks with the edited contents. The file contents are open, ie can consist of any type of contents that are supported by word or excel, such as table or macro.

I am thinking of opening an editor in Dynaform form for the users to edit the files. But this editing should be under control. ie the file is opened by the task with controlled filename. After editing, the edited file is saved with the controlled filename and destination such that the file can be passed on to the next user.
(I should be able to restrict the file format, such as allowing only .rtf for word file or .xlsx for spreadsheet.)

I have thought of using libreoffice online. But the edited file cannot be controlled.

Grateful if I can be advised how this challenge can be overcome.

Thousand Thanks

By anilreddy
Edit Microsoft Office files from the Dropbox mobile app
Open the Dropbox mobile app.
Navigate to the file.
Tap to open the file.
Tap the edit button (a pencil and paper icon). The file opens in the appropriate Microsoft Office app.
Edit the file in the Microsoft Office app, then save the file in Dropbox.
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