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Grateful if I can be advised how to handle a problem I'm facing.

Buddy system is adopted in the system I'm working on, ie two users will be assigned to work together on a process. However, in different instances of the process, the combination of buddies can be different.
I think the problem can be solved if two users can be assigned to a task. Grateful if I can be advised how to assign two users to a task.

Many Thank.

You can assign a group of users to take care of a specific TASK and the first one to CLAIM, will be left with the task, this can be done through the Assignment Rules interface.
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I hope you find it useful
Hi marceloayllon,

Thank you for your advice. However, your suggestion is difficult to be adopted in my case. It is because
1) the arrangement of buddies is case by case;
2) the contents of a task cannot be released to staff would are not responsible for;
3) the staff have no right to create group;
4) the amount of groups would be huge and group management would be a problem.

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