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Error/Problema Crear usuario ROL/Creating user ROL

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 12:04 pm
by xcristhian
Buenas, tengo un problema que he visto que han resuelto pero no he podido resolverlo yo. El problema es el siguiente:
Al momento de crear un usuario no me carga la parte para darle un rol al usuario, aparece en blanco y no me carga, por favor si alguien le ha pasado y lo ha solucionado le agradezco su ayuda. Ya he realizado la actualizaciĆ³n de processmaker, reinicio, borra de cache y nada ya no se me ocurre nada, y si hay alguna otra opciĆ³n para crear usuario me ayudan por favor gracias.
Hi, I have a problem that I have seen solved but he cannot solve it. The problem is the following:
At the moment of creating a user, the part to give a role to the user does not load, it appears blank and does not load, please if someone has passed it and solved it, I appreciate your help. You have already done the ProcessMaker update, reboot, clear the cache and nothing else I can think of nothing, and if there is any other option to create a user help me please thank you.

Re: Error/Problema Crear usuario ROL/Creating user ROL

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:37 pm
by RicardoMG

It may be that when you updated your ProcessMaker a problem has occurred, for more information you can check the Upgrade Plan at this link:

Another way to create a user is to use the PMFCreateUser function in a trigger, this places it after a dynaform.

For more information about triggers and places where they can be inserted, take a look at the following link:

Here is an example of the code using the PMFCreateUser function:

$txtUserId = @@UserID;
$txtPassword = @@Password;
$txtNombre = @@Nombre;
$txtApellido = @@Apellido;
$txtEmail = @@Email;
$txtRole = @@Role;

//Do any necessary validation

//Create the user
$var = PMFCreateUser($txtUserId, $txtPassword, $txtNombre, $txtApellido, $txtEmail, $txtRole);

if ($var == 0) {
@@text = 'Created';
} else {
@@text = 'Not created';

You can review in detail the use of the PMFCreateUser function in this link:

You can also enable "Debug" mode, for more information about how to enable it and how it can help you, follow this link: ... Debug_Mode

Best regards, Ricardo.