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Hello everyone,

I'm working with a ProcessMaker v.3.3.17 enterprise edition and using the LDAP authentication source to create bpm accounts. The information passed down from the DB the LDAP is connected includes the username, user email, ID, etc. but we also want to have the user's Job title or position and the users' supervisors or managers. The Authenthification source information allows us to include the USR_POSITION but not the USR_REPORTS_TO from the wf_workflow.USERS table or the USR_AUTH_SUPERVISOR_DN from the wf_workflow.RBAC_USERS.

How can we populate these fields using the LDAP? given how these tables have a specific column to populate it with the supervisor or manager or the user entry, I would imagine the LDAP can import said information if it's configured properly.

Your help is highly appreciated.

you might want to look at this web services example:
Of course you would have to run a cron job to periodically import the list of users in PM

Best regards, Ricardo.
Hello fcomijangos,

When you say you are using 3.3.17 enterprise Edition, it means you have an Enterprise License, could you please let us know which company you belong to? I would recommend to report a ticket in our Customer Support ticket platform:

Thank you.

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