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End current case and New a case of the same process by trigger

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:19 am
by kleung

I am working on a process which is an iteration of tasks. But in each iteration, there should have different APP_UID and APP_NUMBER. I could use PMFNewCase() to handle it, i.e. by making each iteration as a case. However, I encounter the following problems.
1) The status of the previous iterations is still "TO_DO" and stay in the Inbox. But I'd like to make it as "Completed" and is removed from the Inbox.
2) The "Case #" near the top left corner is not updated to the current APP_NUMBER.
Attached please find the process of my test on this piece of work.
Grateful if I can be advised how to solve my problem.

Furthermore, grateful if I can be advise what are the differences in using PMFNewCase and PUT /cases/{app_uid}/execute-trigger/{tri_uid} in creating new cases.

Thousand Thanks

During this Covid-19 pandemic, wish everybody Good Health and Take Care