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By matteo2098

once my case is closed I need to insert the pdf documents later and these files must be visible and downloadable by other users. these files, which I upload directly to DOCUMENTS, mark them as EXTERNAL PDF but I can only download them.

I tried with the permissions but it is only downloaded by those who uploaded it.

I need them to be downloadable by some users.

attached there are two files called pdf one created by the admin user which makes me download because it was me who uploaded it as you see below
_1 (21).pdf, the other created by the test user, if I try to download it with the admin user I get only the info

Thanks in advance
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By RicardoMG
Tell you that ProcessMaker solved this problem in versions 3.4.7 onwards.
I installed "ProcessMaker community" 3.4.7 and 3.4.9 that are available in this section:
In order for other users to download other documents from other users, they must belong to a role that has the following permissions: PM_FOLDERS_OWNER and PM_FOLDERS_ALL

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