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I have 2 dropdown controls on the same form.

{EDIT - I had the THEN portion reversed}
Approver1 and d Approver2. Both are dynamically populated with SQL.
If Approver1 has 0 records, then hide Approver1 and show Approver2.
If Approver 1 has > 0 records, then show Approver1 and hide Approver2.

Any ideas?
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Hi Programmerboy,
The OnChange is for when I made changes in selecting the options in Approver1. However, I'm not making changes in select the option. I'm referring to if the SQL query for it returns zero results.
programerboy wrote: Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:41 pm Hi,
You can check this link and use onchange on your dropdowns:

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