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Separate sub-processes for each grid line

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 7:08 am
by BarryAF

I'm very new and very inexperienced but i'm hoping you can help (in simple terms)

I have a process that is for a new customer order. depending on the type of service offering checked within a dynaform, this opens up the relevant grid to input the order details.

What I would like is for each row that is filled in on that grid; a separate sub-process is triggered (i.e. 3 rows = 3 sub-processes) with the info pulled from that line into the sub-process)

The task that fills in the grid id the last step in the customer order process, so there is no need for anything from these sub-processes to be fed back in.

I can provide more info if needed, but I'm just exploring at the moment and don't have a finished process to share, just bits. I'm also very inexperienced with coding. purely only bits I've picked up from this forum

Thanks in advance

Re: Separate sub-processes for each grid line

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 5:07 pm
by RicardoMG

I understand your question, what you can do is the following:
Once you completed registration on the grid and submit the form, you have to run a trigger in which you cycle through the grid row by row using a for, where each row creates a new case using the PMFNewCase function.
You can find information about the PMFNewCase function at the following link:
Also you can need to review the following information about trigger on processmaker:

Best Regards, Ricardo.