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By tcwebe
Notice: Array to string conversion in /opt/processmaker/shared/sites/gds_chem1/classes/om/BasePmtTscRequestInfo.php on line 1533

Notice: Array to string conversion in /opt/processmaker/shared/sites/gds_chem1/classes/om/BasePmtTscRequestInfo.php on line 1995

Fatal error: Call to a member function getUsrStatus() on a non-object in /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/classes/class.derivation.php on line 440
By dan123dan

Please, let me know the following:

- What are you trying to do?
- Is this happening on the dynaform or when you are running a case?
By tcwebe
Hi, sorry, thought I had put the explanation in there.

This is happening when running a case. It was working fine until our application was moved. Guessing it is due to the move, but not sure how to correct it.
By dan123dan

Which is your current version of ProcessMaker? Are you sure that you are using the corresponding Stack for that version of ProcessMaker?

Also, You can attach the System Information which is located (ADMIN - Settings - System Information)
By tcwebe
System info attached
System Info.jpg
System Info.jpg (66.45 KiB) Viewed 2401 times
By dan123dan
Please, try the following:

mysql -u root -p

show variables like 'sql_mode'; //this will show you the value of this, for ProcessMker this needs to be empty

set sql_mode = '';

show variables like 'sql_mode'; //now this variable will be empty.

and try again.

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