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By richvle
Hi, can anybody tell me where I can find the layout for the login page? I created skins already and can modify the associated CSS files. But I wanted to do additional changes to the login page.
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By richvle

Found it.
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By programerboy
It's not true. The best way is create a new skin and then go to the bellow path and change images or css files and fonts and etc:
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By richvle
I had already done it through the CSS. But I wanted to add additional images below the logo, in which case, I had to go through the layout.html file.
By Ironguts25
You shouldn't edit the base layout.html file otherwise your changes will be overwritten every time you upgrade. Best way is to copy layout.html into your custom skins folder and edit that one. Then create an export tar file of your custom skin (which includes your custom layout.html) for importing after your next upgrade.

Make sure you have the correct path for your image files otherwise it won't work properly.

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