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By EstherUve
Hi everyone.

I have a dynafrom in which I have several Text that I modify through javaScript based on other values.

Some work perfectly, but I have two in particular that do not work.
For these two variables I use the same methods as the others, $ ('# variable'). SetValue ('new value'); But in these it does not work. Yes, I get the value in dynaform, but in debug mode I get empty.

When I put them they worked perfectly, but by adding more text (which has nothing to do with these text) they have stopped working.

The same happened to me and I had to put another text and change a lot of my code to get it to work out well.

I also have other text with value that in the debug does not appear.

Could someone tell me why this doesn't work?

Thank you.
By EstherUve
It is a complex process with many parts, so I do not attach it.
In addition, in another process the same thing is happening to me, everything works but when I put more text some stop working.
The only thing I can think of is that ProcessMaker only accepts a certain number of variables per dynaform.
By EstherUve
Please, I need help with this. It does not let me move forward.
In another dynaform I have seen that a variable that I put but that I have completely eliminated still appears in the debug, but other variables that I am putting do not appear.
Because of this I am going to give up the project, please help me !!!
Please change max_input_vars = 8000 in your php.ini or in httpd-app.conf file if you use bitnami installation.

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