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I have a report table, let's call it "PMT_APPROVAL_REPORT"
as usual, it contains APP_NUMBER and a textfield "Approval title"
I want to use 2 suggest control from that source, which is:
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if case number suggest control has selected, approval title suggest control autofield based on APP_NUMBER(case number value) and vice versa
I've tried using dynaform based value, but it affect preview mode which is failed to load.
the query is:
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this query usually works on dropdown field but I can't implemented it on suggest control. It affect my session which is everything failed to load so I must using another browser or wait session is over, even I can't log out from this session.

I know suggestion control works without
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filter but it seems buggy when I tried to implemented this. I am using processmaker 3.2

that's all I can tell, I hope it's clear so it will be solved soon...

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