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By manalidhuri
I have created one process which has only one task and in this i have redirected submit button to draft i.e when user fills the form and click submit case will redirect to the draft menu and there is possibility of that case can be again open by any user so the problem is when second user open the case which is in the draft menu the dynaform doesnt show any data which was filled by previous user(i.e the data which is filled by first user must be accessible(view,edit,save) to second user), so how can i store this data?

By dan123dan

Are you using a Submit to send your form to Draft, if the answer is yes, you could change this Submit by a button, after that, you will save the form with the following JavaScript Code:

$("#save").find("button").on("click" , function() {
$("#[Replace this with the ID of the form]").saveForm();
} );

Let me know if this helps.

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