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I had 2 tasks where both tasks were assigned to a user. Since the owner of both tasks is the same person, I would like the system to immediately switch to the next task when a submit button is clicked bypassing the inbox & click 'Continue' button.

I have tried this trigger code
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header("Location: casesListExtJsRedirector");
It manages to skip the 'Continue' page. However, it does not redirect me to the next task. I have to double-click the task in the inbox. Is there a way for us to execute the next task bypassing the 'Continue' & Inbox?

Create a trigger with the following code:
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$caseId = @@APPLICATION;
$nextIndex = @%INDEX + 1;
PMFDerivateCase($caseId, @%INDEX);
G::header("Location: cases_Open?APP_UID=$caseId&DEL_INDEX=$nextIndex&action=draft");
Then assign the trigger before assignment to the next task.
I hope this information helps you.
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