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By jemiris
Hi All, I have a scenario where I need to expose ProcessMaker case data for a search in my website as self service where the person will key in few details and find his information. Not just search, the user(not a PM user) may generate a report and that has to be stored back in PM in the cases folder.

Solution 1:
A plugin API that exposes the case data from PM table. This needs auth tokens. So, How can I bye pass the certain REST API end points without the access tokens?

Solution 2:
A web entry file inside the process and that connects PM table and gives the desired data and generates documents with custom code. http://localhost:83/sysworkflow/en/neoc ... ervice.php

Solution 3:
A guest_service_user can be created and authenticated automatically for the document generation. How can I authenticate from client side JS framework like Vue JS without exposing the tokens.

After spending good 30 minutes in PM source and rest API documentation found that the @access public annotation would do the trick for me. It is the best solution too.
Code: Select all
/* To get the list of country
     *  @access public
     *  @url GET /rest/country
     *  @return json
    public function getCountry()
        return getCountryList();
Hope this helps some one like me.

Thank you
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