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By richvle
Hi, I have a primary grid control called "GridUserApp". This grid is populated with users and the different departments they are assigned to (ex. Art, Publishing, Marketing, etc).

The process then generates parallel tasks, and assigns them to the various heads of each departments.

The different department heads should see a filtered list from GridUserApp of only users that are actually assigned to the department they are looking at. I was hoping that if I can filter the list, then the department heads can only modify records that were associated with them. What's the best approach for this?

I tried creating additional grid controls such as GridUserApp_Art, GridUserApp_Publishing, GridUserApp_Marketing, GridUserApp_etc..... and then copy the rows over where the department matches on a filter. And in the end, when it's all done, I was going to copy the results back to the primary grid contorl GridUserApp.
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By programerboy

You must create a grid for example @=tempGrid exactly like your main grid, then assign this grid to your dynaform of parallel task.
In the trigger before this dynaform you must write a code that filter main grid related to this user and set it to tempGrid.
Therefore every user can see only self records and then in trigger after dynaform update similar records in main grid ... jMXodwH1iw
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