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I'm using get variables API to get variables based on the case API link -> ... Fvariables

The problem is in the subprocess. The task variable was the empty string.
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   "SYS_LANG":            "en",
   "SYS_SKIN":            "neoclassic",
   "SYS_SYS":             "workflow",
   "APPLICATION":         "78484118955bbd5fc39e5c5072875367",
   "PROCESS":             "189248173559579a84bf665046423742",
  "TASK" :                "",      // This task id empty  
   "INDEX":               "2",
   "USER_LOGGED":         "00000000000000000000000000000001",
   "USR_USERNAME":        "admin",
   "PIN":                 "JQN"
why am I getting the TASK is empty in subprocess first step itself. I'm using processmaker 3.2.1 version Please give me an idea?

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