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By Thommelise
I have been struggling with this problem for a while now, and really neeed help. :? :?:

I have these grids that i have to populate with a trigger.
This is a change process, so i allready have saved the record, just need to pull it up again, using a DNS name from PMT_ORDER_DATA as reference.

I use 2 pm tables :
pm tables.png
pm tables.png (25.33 KiB) Viewed 1573 times
Order data.png
Order data.png (25.23 KiB) Viewed 1573 times
The information i want to fill into the grid comes from ORDER_DATA_ITEM and i have to get it using a DNS name i get from ORDER_DATA

This is one of the version of the trigger code i have been trying, just to get any information into the grids.
Code: Select all
$linuxDiskManualTag = @@linuxDiskManualTag;
$result = executeQuery("select D1 AS $linuxDiskManualTag from PMT_ORDER_DATA_ITEM where OrderItemID = '190806_135951_27395034' and type =4");
putlog( 'SQL8='.$result );
if (is_array($result ) and count($result ) > 0) {
   @@linuxDiskManualTagId = $result[1]['D1'];
$g = new G();
$g->SendMessageText("Could not select record in PMT_ORDER_DATA_ITEM PM table.", "ERROR"); 

The grid im trying to fill.
grids.png (49.83 KiB) Viewed 1573 times
The code im using to fill the text fields, its the DNS_name _Wanted i have to use in PMT_Order_Data :
Code: Select all
$exitsting_DNS = @@exitsting_DNS;
$result = executeQuery("SELECT * FROM PMT_ORDER_DATA WHERE DNS_name_Wanted='$exitsting_DNS'");
if (is_array($result ) and count($result ) > 0) {
   @@Sysowner_contact_name = $result [1]['SYSOWNER_CONTACT_NAME'];  
   @@Sysowner_department = $result [1]['SYSOWNER_DEPARTMENT'];
   @@Sysowner_contact_phone = $result [1]['SYSOWNER_CONTACT_PHONE'];	
   @@Sysowner_manager= $result [1]['SYSOWNER_MANAGER']; 
   @@Sysowner_contact_email= $result [1]['SYSOWNER_CONTACT_EMAIL'];
   @@Sysowner_mgr_phone= $result [1]['SYSOWNER_MGR_PHONE'];
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By amosbatto
Is your question how to populate a grid with a database query or is your question how to relate the two tables in your database query?

If the former question, then your trigger would be:
Code: Select all
$id = @@someVariable;
$sql = "SELECT D1 AS diskTag, D2 AS lgVg, D3 AS diskSize, D4 AS description
   WHERE ID = $id";
@=linuxDiskPartitioningGrid = executeQuery($sql);
Where @=linuxDiskPartitioningGrid is the variable associated with the grid and diskTag, lgVg, diskSize and description are the IDs of the fields inside the grid.
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