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I am using a multipleFile field to upload several documents, once the documents are uploaded (without clicking a submit button), the “APP_DOCUMENT” table is updated with rows are added containing the information of the documents like: APP_DOC_UID, APP_DOC_FILENAME, APP_DOC_FIELDNAME, APP_DOC_UID, DOC_VERSION…
If we delete a file from the list and then either we save the form or proceed to other tasks, the “APP_DOCUMENT” table keeps the record of the deleted file with Status ‘ACTIVE’
How can we filter the only active documents (don’t take into consideration deleted ones) in an active case?
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What version of PM are you using?
When the user deletes a file in a MultipleFile field in a Dynaform, the APP_DOCUMENT.APP_DOC_STATUS field in the database changes from 'ACTIVE' to 'DELETED'.
I just checked it in version 3.3.10 Community, but I think that has always been the way that it works.
Task doesnt have any users.

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