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Hi guys
When i try to connect to a SQL-server database using the following lines in a trigger, an exception occurred and the message i got in the catch is : wrapped: No driver has been registered to handle connection type
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$db = "<id of db>";
$query = "<select some thing from db>";
	$result = executeQuery($query,$db);
	$aaa = $result[1]['<my desired column>']; 
catch(Exception $e) {
	die ($e->getMessage());
Im using process maker 6.3.6 (installed it using Bitnami installer) with php 7.1 on a windows server 2016 and use sqlsrv library for connecting to a sql server 2017 database (I've already created the connection in process maker)

I can read and write to some other databases successfully but for that specific database it always goes through exception.

I also test the connection to this database in another instance of process maker which is version 6.3.4 too but i installed it manually by php 5.6 on a windows server 2016 but used php_dblib library instead of sqlsrv but surprisingly every thing was ok there !!! ( no exception occurred in this case )

So whats the problem for ?
When you say ProcessMaker "6.3.6," are you talking about version 3.3.6?

I've never tried to use sqlsrv with a Bitnami installation. I will have to test it. We have instructions for installing sqlsrv in Linux on the wiki, which I know will work.

It is generally a bad idea to use Bitnami, because you can't upgrade it. It is only good for testing, but don't ever use it for production.
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