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By Vysakh

Is it possible to communicate between two ProcessMaker instances using web-service ? If it is possible could you describe how it is possible ?
We are using Processmaker version 3.2.1 -community
Database MySql Version 5.6.10
Webserver Apache/2.4.18
PHP Version 5.6.40
Operating System Linux
Yes, you can call the web services of one instance of ProcessMaker from another.
For example, let's say that you have ProcessMaker installed at and another at
Then, in a trigger or plugin in, you can use this PHP code:
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$client = new SoapClient('');
$params = array(array('userid'=>'johndoe', 'password'=>'foobar'));
$result = $client->__SoapCall('login', $params);

if ($result->status_code == 0)
   $sessionId = $result->message;
else {
   throw new Exception("Unable to connect to ProcessMaker.\nError Number: $result->status_code\n" .
         "Error Message: $result->message\n");

$params = array(array('sessionId'=>$sessionId));
$result = $client->__SoapCall('caseList', $params);

@=casesGrid = array();
$counter = 1;
$aCases = $result->cases;

if ($aCases != (object) NULL) {
   foreach ($aCases as $aCase) {
      @=casesGrid[ $counter ] = array(
           'caseTitle' => $aCase->name, 
           'caseId' => $aCase->guid, 
           'caseStatus' => $aCase->status
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