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By medoman
Hello Dear friends
i have a case number that i can not find in the app_cash_view table, the top management need this case history immediately and i dont know where to find it, please help
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By amosbatto
All cases should be listed in the APPLICATION and APP_CACHE_VIEW tables in the database. If you called the PMFDeleteCase() function in a trigger or selected a process and clicked on the "Delete All Cases" button, then you might have deleted the case from the database.
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By amosbatto
If a Web Entry form wasn't submitted properly, then the case isn't created.
By medoman
amosbatto wrote: Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:26 pm If a Web Entry form wasn't submitted properly, then the case isn't created.
in my situation i have cases counter up to 6000 and i'm searching for case number 1352
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By amosbatto
If you don't see the case in the APPLICATION table, then the case doesn't exist in your database.

If you deleted the case, then do you have a backup of your database from before you deleted the case?
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