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mohamad wrote:Is it possible to import an old file (pmx2) to PM 3.3.4?
Yes, it is possible. Just go to Designer and click on the Import button and select your .pm file from version 2. However, you should test your process to verify that everything works, and the process remains in the old format from version 2.
Thanks for your kind reply,
I did your way, before, however It looks like the process (it is attached with this post) is not compatible with PM.
I see this error:
The file has an incorrect extension. Please check the file and upload again
When I rename pmx2 to pmx, I see this error:
Error, Invalid file type or the file have corrupt data
By the way, the origin file has pmx2 extension, but does not accept this file with this suffix. So, I changed it to pmx, manually.
I was wondering if you could test it in your server.
Kind Regards
The extension .pmx2 isn't used by ProcessMaker.
Classic processes from ProcessMaker 2 have the extension .pm and BPMN processes from ProcessMaker 3 have the extension .pmx .

If you change the extension to .pmx, then you should be able to post it on the forum if you want me to look at it. If something is preventing that, then open the file with a plain text editor (like Notepad++) and paste the XML code into a forum post.
I tried deleting the files and PHP and JavaScript code in the XML code of your process, but I could never get it to import.
I'm not sure what is wrong.

Do you have the original installation where the process was created?

Try exporting the process again from ProcessMaker, but don't edit the file since you might be corrupting it and don't rename it. Then, importing that .pmx file again.

If it still doesn't import, you are going to have to manually recreate the process.

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