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Hi, I have a Parent Process eventually creates a sub case. The Sub Process has 2 possible entry points (see image below).
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The "Security Administrator Review" task is set for Self-Service to a group. The "Secondary Approver Review" task is value-based-assigned to a user.

What's the proper way to send out notification emails to inform the users about an unassign case in the self service task, or an email to the assigned user for the other task, depending on how the case got routed?

-I tried doing triggers in the task steps before the Dynaform, but that won't kick off unless the user claims it.
-I tried doing it as a Process Trigger (Execute a trigger when a case is opened) but it won't know which email to send and to whom.
#825854 ... ifications

Just in case anybody is still looking, this is probably why they added this feature to "Notify the assigned user to this task".

Unfortunately, I'm still on version 3.1.1. So here's my work around. From the parent process, I retrieve the subcase's ID, and then find the user (or users if it's a group) that's assigned to the subcase, and then email them.
I did, as a workaround though. In the email log, it shows that the parent case sent the email to the sub case's owner. I built all the notification email logic into the trigger on the parent process.

I would upgrade to version 3.3 to avoid having to do a trigger workaround, but I installed it using Bitnami. Accepting to another one of your post, because I installed it through Bitnami, I won't be able to upgrade it properly.

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