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I am working a workflow using the cloud version of ProcessMaker.
I need to implement a specific action in this workflow:
In a task, the user must specify a reminder date using datetime control; for example: 08/07/2019, and then submit the form to the following task.
On 08/07/2019, a reminder email must be sent to a specific user in order to remind him/her to upload a document.
Can assist me to develop a trigger to send a reminder mail once the reminder date has arrived?
Best regards.
Make the File field to upload the document a required field in a Dynaform and add that Dynaform as a step in a task. When that task is completed, then you know that the document has been been uploaded.

Then, follow these instructions to set the Due Date of the task to the value of the datetime field:

Then, follow these instructions to send a reminder email if the task hasn't yet been completed: ... is_overdue
First of all, I would like to thank you for your prompt feedback.
Your replay is very interesting. However, I guess I did not make my need clear, below:
In the attached example, the Dynaform in “Task 1” contains a datetime field with the “dueDateAttachDoc” where the user can select the due date (let’s say 07/08/2019) to upload a specific document. Then, the user submits the form to following step and then to other steps in the workflow.
On 07/08/2019, a reminder mail must be sent to a specific user to remind him/her to upload the document.
I hope that I made myself clear, can you assist me on this?
Best Regards.
The solution that I gave you only sends the email if the task where the user uploads the document hasn't been completed.

Do you want the email to be sent even if the user has already uploaded the document?

It is possible to query the APP_DOCUMENT table in a trigger to find out if a document was uploaded, but you don't know if the user considers the task done or the user might want to upload another file. For that reason, it is better to set the due date for the task and then check if the task has been done. If not done, then send the email reminder. Does that make sense?
Thank you alot for your prompt feedback.
I will give detailed information about my need and below the process and all possible scenarios:
1. The user “A” in “Task 1” must enter a specific date (using a datetime field), for example: 08/26/2019, and submit the form. Then the “Task 2” is created and is assigned to another user “B”.
2. User “B” must upload a specific document no later than 08/26/2019 and then submits the form to other tasks in the process
• Once “Task 2” is created, a timer starts and a reminder mail should be sent to user “B” to remind him/her to upload the document. The mail must be sent just one time and in the due date that is 08/26/2019.
• There is no need to send the reminder mail if user “B” uploads the document before the due date.
• User “B” can’t complete this task unless the document is uploaded.

I hope that I made the need clearer this time, can you assist me on this?

Best Regards.
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His main problem is that he wants to make a process that send a reminder, notification or email automatically in a defined date. one of the users of procesmaker define that date in a the dynaform. the processmaker should send a reminder or email to another user in a specific time in the future for purpose of doing a task.

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