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Hi guys,
I have an external database (its a SQL Server db) and have some field containing Persian Characters
If you don't know Persian language its very like Arabic language and has some characters like this : سلام !!
now when i read those Persian fields and set their value on a Textbox in a dynaform, it will show some question mark characters instead of those Persian characters. some thing like this ???? ?? ???
How to solve this problem ?
Thank you in advance
The text has to be converted to UTF-8 to work correctly in ProcessMaker. If you are running ProcessMaker in Linux, then there is a solution: ... 8_encoding

If you are running ProcessMaker in Windows, then "it is recommended that the text in SQL Server should be stored in nvarhar or nchar fields and stored as UCS-2 or UTF-16". See: ... t_in_MSSQL
PS: If you can't get it to work when the data is stored in UCS-2 or UTF-16, then you will have to use a Linux server for ProcessMaker or switch to a database like MySQL or PosgreSQL that has proper support for UTF-8.
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