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You can use Cases::LoadCase() and userInfo() to get this information in a trigger. Then, store the email in a case variable that can be used later in the process or call PMFSendMessage().

Create the following trigger:
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$c = new Cases();
$aCaseInfo = $c->LoadCase(@@APPLICATION);
$aUserInfo = userInfo( $aCaseInfo['APP_INIT_USER'] );
@@emailStartedCase = $aUserInfo['mail'];
Then, you can use @@emailStartedCase with PMFSendMessage().
FreddyBernal wrote: Wed Jul 24, 2019 9:36 pm Thanks!!!
Where I can found information about the object model?
We don't have documentation on every class. You can start by reading about the Propel classes: ... el_classes
Then see the source code at workflow/engine/classes/model.

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