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I write a trigger before my form:
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//This is exist in my server and my database
$aFileVar = array ( 
	'appDocUid' => '4451428635d2af3e2734131096936236',
	'name' => 'test.pdf',
	'version' => 1

//This work
//for multiple file type
@=multipleFileVar005 = array();
@=multipleFileVar005[0] = $aFileVar;

//This don't work!
//for single file type
@@fileVar003 = json_encode(array($aFileVar['appDocUid']));
@@fileVar003_label = json_encode(array($aFileVar['name']));
when I use thie trigger in before my form, the multiple file is correct and get data, but the file field don't show download link in the form.

How can I set data and download link for file field in my form with trigger.

You need to set the "name" of the File field in the APP_DOCUMENT.APP_DOC_FIELDNAME field in the database in order for the file to appear in the File field.
See: ... se_storage

Add this to your trigger code:
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   APP_DOC_UID='4451428635d2af3e2734131096936236' AND DOC_VERSION=1";

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