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By HeshanKaru1994
We have a form where you can persist data to pm table for a given user Id if it it is a new record.Here if we have file upload.Based on the selection If the userId is already selected all the details should be autofilled.How to do such scenario with file uploads
You can fill your upload file with trigger:
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$mergeFile = array(
'appDocUid' => '',
'name' => '',
'version' => ''

//for multiple file type
@=multipleFileVar005 = array();
@=multipleFileVar005[0] = $mergeFile;

//for single file type
@@fileVar003 = json_encode(array($mergeFile['appDocUid']));
@@fileVar003_label = json_encode(array($mergeFile['name'])); ... jMXodwH1iw
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