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By Ryguy2
We have a workflow that there is several steps involved and a time delay until the process is completed for travel.
We have found that sometimes the travel doesn't happen and the last leg of the workflow just hangs out.. is there a way to cancel or delete a workflow that has made it through most of the process? Would this be a super user function?
We are using processmaker community edition 3

Thank you
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By amosbatto
A Process Supervisor can go to Home > Paused or Home > Advanced to open the paused case and then unpause it. Then go to Home > Advanced Search or Home > Review to open the case and then go to Action > Cancel to cancel the case.

If you want something that involves fewer steps, you can create a process or plugin that searches for paused cases in the APP_DELAY table and then displays a grid of the paused cases with checkboxes next to them. Select the cases to unpause and then submit the form. Then, in a trigger after the form, you can use a for loop to call PMFUnpauseCase() and then PMFCancelCase() for each selected case.

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