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By ariannovin
i want to have some general attributes or variables or configurations that in the user's processes i can use them to display data base on them.
for example i have a variable which indicates financial year, by changing the value of this variable by user some dropdowns in processes assigned to this user should be changed respectively.
thousand thanks in advance. :)
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By amosbatto
Create a PM Table (or a Table in your external database) which is named USER_OPTIONS and has the following fields:
ID (int, autoincrement, primary key)
USERNAME (varchar)
FIELD1 (varchar)
FIELD2 (varchar)

Add records to the the table that contain th options that you want for each user in FIELD1 and FIELD2.

Then create a Dynaform which has the following fields:
* Textbox with the ID and variable "currentUsername"
* Dropdown with ID "selectField1" which has the following SQL query:
* Dropdown with ID "selectField2" which has the following SQL query:

Then create the following trigger:
@@currentUsername = @@USR_USERNAME;

Set this trigger to fire before the above Dynaform.

See: ... SQL_Format
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By ariannovin
Many thanks for your comprehensive response.
unfortunately using pm table is not an option for me as i want to access it via normal users (they may have not access to that pm tables).
i want to have these configuration some where else which each user can access it and be able to modifies its values.
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