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By sujittra
If assistant don't check in radio group, it's a hide subform of Assistant Manager and Subform of Manager is also.
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By stevensi1018
Should be as simple as :
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replace subformID by the ID of the subform in the properties. Based on your radio, you'll have to do something like this:
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function functionName()
   var radioValue = $("#radioID").val();
   if(radioValue == "X")
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By amosbatto
Sriluxshi wrote: Tue Aug 20, 2019 1:29 am how to delete a subform?
It is a bad idea to delete a subform, because ProcessMaker will expect to find the fields in the subform when the Dynaform is submitted.

Instead, you should set the value of the fields in the subform to "" (an empty string) and you should hide the subform like this:
Where "1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef" is the ID of the subform.

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