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By dhanaulia
How to create new custom trigger with code in rest api?
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By ziadeh
You can create a trigger in PM designer and call it from rest api read this

Also if you want to create a custom code and call it from rest api, you have to create a php file in
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{Your processmaker path}/workflow/engine/src/ProcessMaker/Services/Api
There are couple of test files so you can get some ideas from them.

After you create a rest api php file and made your custom code you need to delete routes.php file:
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{Your processmaker path}/shared/sites/workflow/routes.php
And PM will generate a new one that have your code.

Also you can use Extrarest api for Amosbatto
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By amosbatto
If you want to add a new trigger functions, then you create a plugin with the PMFunctions Class.

Then you need to add comments in this file of your new plugin:

You can study the source code in my extraFunctions plugin for an example:
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