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Sorry for not having the reply you might be looking for, but the following should disable all controls in the dynaform
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To change the dynaform mode from edit to view (readonly) or disabled, you would need to change the backbone object like this:
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Usually, this should automatically fire a trigger that fould make all the fields inherit from the the dynaform backbone object, however, for some reason, I never made it to work.
HeshanKaru1994 wrote: Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:23 am Can you make some fields in a subform to be editable and rest to be in the view mode
Let's say the ID of your subform is "3139343265babcd5465a282094686398", then you can add this JavaScript to your parent Dynaform to only enable the "firstName", "lastName" and "address" fields in the subform:
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//disable all fields in subform:
$("#3139343265babcd5465a282094686398").find(".form-control").prop("disabled", true);

//enable some fields in subform:
$("#3139343265babcd5465a282094686398").find("#firstName").find(".form-control").prop("disabled", false);
$("#3139343265babcd5465a282094686398").find("#lastName").find(".form-control").prop("disabled", false);
$("#3139343265babcd5465a282094686398").find("#address").find(".form-control").prop("disabled", false);
My form is in view mode , Can I change the display mode of the form in to edit mode when button is clicked ?

Trying this code:
$("#Edit").find("button").click(function() {
$("#Field1").getControl().attr("disabled", false);
$("#5072616315d0a42020226f9048209781").getControl().prop("disabled", false);

Thanks for your help.

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