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By higgledy
I am using a trigger to change the APP_STATUS to "TO_DO" after I create a new case via a REST call. I noticed in the APPLICATION table a column, APP_STATUS_ID. It looks like APP_STATUS_ID contains a '1' when the status is DRAFT and a '2' when the status is TO_DO. Is this correct? Where is APP_STATUS_ID used?
But my big question is why does the change status trigger also change the APP_STATUS_ID?

I am using PM 3.1.2, which APP_STATUS_ID is a new thing in PM 3.2.
By amosbatto
APP_STATUS_ID is for the status of the case:
TO_DO: 2

Paused cases can have DRAFT or TO_DO status and you need to search in the APP_DELAY table for paused cases.
By higgledy
OK thanks. That is what I thought. You will need to update your documentation where you talk about creating a case via REST. The change status php code only changes the APP_STATUS, it should probably also change the APP_STATUS_ID as well.
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