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By groakes

I have a problem where by a form for one case is not loading correctly when the assigned user opens it. The Task is an Executive Summary, where by the contents of the form are made up of a number of sub forms and fields set to view. The structure of the form is:
Sub Form 1 (view)
Sub Form 2 (view)
Sub Form 3 (view)
Multiple fields 1 (view)
Multiple Fields 2 (parent)

When the user opens the case they see:
Sub Form 1
Sub Form 3
1 Field from Multiple Fields 1

This only happens with one case - the user has 6 other cases at this task which all open properly.

When I open the case from Review, I see what the user sees. However I can see the previous Dynaforms and steps where the data has been entered correctly. Also, if I select the Executive Summary form from the Dynaforms list it loads correctly (as read only).

Does anyone have any ideas where I might look to resolve this.

By amosbatto
Have you checked in the web browser debugger whether these things are missing in the HTML code? It could be that some data entered in one of the fields has mangled something in the HTML.

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