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By fibo2358

I have a grid inside a subform. I would like to set the onchange event handler that is called each time when a value in the grid field is changed, i.e. when a dropdown value is selected inside a grid.

In a subform I use

$("#2329784615a02bce335c442069321071").setOnchange (verifyOnchange);

function verifyOnchange() {

and it works fine in a subform, but it doesn't work when I display the master form.
Moving the code to the master form javascript doesn't solve the problem.

Could you please help?

Best Regards,
First of all, please file a bug report about this problem at

As a workaround, you can use standard jQuery, like this:
Code: Select all
$("#2329784615a02bce335c442069321071").change( function(e) {

function verifyOnchange(e) {
   alert( + ': ' +;

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