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By jemiris
My Problem:

1. While saving the process its displays as a error saving process.
2. Why the error saving process occurs
By amosbatto
What version of PM and what operating system? What is the exact error message? Have you checked the error logs?
For example, in Debian 8.4:
You can also turn on PHP error log file in your php.ini file.
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By jemiris
Hi forum,

While saving the process i got an error. Im using windows 8 and 3.1.3 process maker version.
error_saving_process.PNG (35.73 KiB) Viewed 383 times
By amosbatto
That doesn't tell me much. Can you export the process and post it on the forum?
If you can't export the process, then you will have to check the error logs, because there is no other way to tell what is the problem.
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By jemiris
Yes i found the solution for it. Because i didn't give the permission for the particular process, so that it's not allowed me to do any action. Thanks

It is working. Thanks a lot.

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