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By mustapah
PM has a globally-scoped variable (or maybe locally-scope for dynaform script?) called "dyn_uid", which contains the current form UID, BUT this variable is not available in the preview mode of the designer, only for a running case.

How can I get the form UID dynamically in preview mode?
The DynaForm in preview mode is displayed in this iframe:
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<iframe id="pm-dynaform-preview-iframe" name="pm-dynaform-preview-iframe" style="border: medium none; width: 100%; height: 100%;" src="cases/pmDynaform?dyn_uid=601428611599242245be290087574274&prj_uid=309411410599230e98d5be7091622022">
You can use this JavaScript code:
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if (frames.dyn_uid) { //running a case
   var dynaformId = frames.dyn_uid;
   var processId = frames.prj_uid;
else {  //in preview mode
   var dynaformId = location.href.match(/dyn_uid=(.*?)&/)[1];
   var processId = location.href.match(/prj_uid=(.*)/)[1];

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