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By flattante
Hi all,
i've a problem with some open cases not visible under advanced search section.

Inside the database the situation is this:
    table [b]APP_DELEGATION[/b], field [b]DEL_THREAD_STATUS[/b]=[b]CLOSED[/b] table [b]APPLICATION[/b], field [b]APP_STATUS[/b]=[b]TO_DO[/b] for the last (and all others) DEL_INDEX
I think that there is an issue inside the process that set the case in closed status when, in the reality it is not completed.

Can anyone help me to resolve this annoying problem?

If the task in the case has already been completed, then APP_DELEGATION.DEL_THREAD_STATUS='CLOSED' in the database. There should be at least one task in the case whose APP_DELEGATION.DEL_THREAD_STATUS='OPEN' in the database if the case isn't paused, canceled or completed. Are you not seeing that? If not, then post your process so we can look at it .

At any rate you should be able to use Advanced Search to find cases which have tasks which are already closed. You probably have to give Process Permissions to the user in order to see the case under Advanced Search.
Thanks for you reply,
the advanced search works fine for the other cases (there is not a permission issue) but the cases with this problem are visible only accessing it by direct address (<address>/cases/opencase/<case uid>).

I'm sure that those cases are not in pause, cancelled or completed but they are in progress. In fact, trying to set the field DEL_THREAD_STATUS to OPEN, they come back visible and the user can interact with them.

I really don't know how I can solve this issue. At the moment the only 'solution' is to set the field DEL_THREAD_STATUS to OPEN, but periodically I have to extract all the cases 'blocked'.

I've attached the process to analyze it.

Thank you so much
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I tried to run a case, but there was too much missing data for me to get through the process, so I couldn't reproduce your problem. Tell me exactly which tasks get closed, which you have to set to "OPEN". You should alway have one open task in your process until you finish the case.

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