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I just have a basic checkbox. I am trying to add a rule based on if it is checked. No matter what I put in the condition, when I runn the process I get an error that all outcomes return false. I'm assuming I am overlooking something easy
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What version of PM are you using? You can either access a checkbox through its checkbox or its label. By default the labels for a checkbox are "true" or "false", but you can redefine them with the list of options in the properties for the checkbox.

I recommend that you use these conditions in your gateway:
isset(@@SwipeCard_label) and @@SwipeCard_label == "true"
!isset(@@SwipeCard_label) or @@SwipeCard_label == "false"

If you have redefined the labels in your options list as "On" and "Off", then you can use these options:
isset(@@SwipeCard_label) and @@SwipeCard_label == "On"
!isset(@@SwipeCard_label) or @@SwipeCard_label == "Off"

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