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By sgkalluri
Hello everyone,

I have a process where a normal Task A is followed by an intermediate Timer Event B which is then followed by a script Task C.

Task C is used to initiate tasks in a different process based on data collected in Task A. I use WSDL services to initiate tasks in Task C.

Timer B is activated by a timereventcron job. This php file runs periodically on activation by Windows Task Scheduler.

I see that sessions are not created via WSDL in Task C whenever the Timer B event is included between Task A and Task C. The moment I remove Timer Event B, then the the WSDL session is created in Task C and output is as expected.

Is this an expected outcome - the relation between Timer Event B and Task C?

Best wishes,
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By amosbatto
A start timer event followed by a script task works, but I have never tried an intermediate timer event followed by a script task. If it doesn't work, then you should file a bug report about it and post a link here.

One problem I have noticed with script tasks is that they do not set the system variables so the system variables will have the same value as in the last task executed in the task. This means that @@TASK, @@INDEX, @@USER_LOGGED and @@USR_USERNAME are probably not correct when the trigger is fired in your script task. If your trigger code depends on one of these variables, then you might have problems.

To figure out whether the script task is executing, comment out all the code in the trigger and add this line:
print "\n**********\nExecuted my trigger\n**********\n";

Then manually execute the timereventcron.php file from the command line. Also, see this documentation if you are using Linux:
By sgkalluri
Thanks Amos for the reply.

My script is not dependent on the variables that you described. The only variable seems to the timer event.

I'll probably have to log a bug report. But, before that I'll do some more testing and come back soon.

Thanks a lot again!

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