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There is currently no way to send an Input Document in JSON to ProcessMaker with REST. For that reason, you have to use PHP, Python, Java or a similar server side language to send files to ProcessMaker with REST. It is currently not possible with JavaScript (or a similar browser-side language).

See: ... t-document

What programming language are you using?

I don't recommend doing this, but there are workarounds. For example, you could create a trigger like this in one of your ProcessMaker processes:
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if (isset(@@sFileBase64) and !empty(@@sFileBase64)) {
    $sContentsDecoded = base64_decode(@@sFileBase64);
    $sFilename = tempnam("C:\mydir", "pm_");
    if ($sFilename === false) {
      throw new Exception("Unable to create temporary file");
    file_put_contents($sFilename, $sContentsDecoded);
    $inpDocId = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";  //set to the unique ID of the Input Document
    @@newFileId = PMFAddInputDocument($inpDocId, null, 1, 'INPUT', '', 'Add',
       @@APPLICATION, @%INDEX, @@TASK, @@USER_LOGGED, 'file', $sFilename);

     if (!empty(@@newFileId)) {
                require_once 'classes/model/AppDocument.php';
		$aProps = array(
		   'APP_DOC_UID'     => @@newFileId,
		   'DOC_VERSION'     => 1,
		   'APP_DOC_FILENAME'=> @@newFilename
		$oDoc = new AppDocument();
Note: If using version 3.2, you will need to fix the source code for PMFAddInputDocument(). See:

Then, in your external script, you need to convert the file to base64 and store it in a variable. For example, in PHP, you could do something like this:
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$sFileBase64 = base64_encode(file_get_contents("C:\MyDir\MyFile.ext"));
$newFilename = "MyFile.ext";
Then, send sFileBase64 and newFilename as variables to a case in ProcessMaker with the
PUT /cases/{app_uid}/variable endpoint.
Then, execute the above trigger with the PUT /cases/{app_uid}/execute-trigger/{tri_uid} endpoint.

I haven't tried the above code, so it might take some debugging, but it gives you the basic idea. If you are using JavaScript, see: ... pt-part-1/

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