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By dannyng
Hi there,

Recently I've encountered the amount which I used for the condition is not workable with version 3.1.3, the same logic I've used with version did not have this issue. Please help me on this as I'm not sure whether this is a bug, thanks.
The floatAmount variable
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The floatAmount value as display
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The logic should be just either one task but it's not
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By amosbatto
@@variable is a string, whereas @#variable is a floating point number and @%variable is an integer. In your condition, you are comparing strings, rather than numbers.

When comparing strings:
"1000000" < "3"

When comparing numbers:
1000000 > 3

To fix this, use these conditions:
(@#floatAmount >=205001 && @@edVerify == 'Approved')

((@#floatAmount < 205001 && @@edVerify == 'Approved') || @@edVerify == 'Rejected')

Note: Parentheses are required around conditions with && or || in some older versions of PM.

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