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Hello everyone,

I have a process, say 'A', in which I populate a grid with case links of another process, say 'B'. One can open a particular case of process B by clicking on the appropriate link in the said grid.

Is there any risk in this scenario? One would have cases from process A as well as B open at the same time in the same browser session, albeit in different tabs. In fact, one could have more than one case of process 'B' also open at the same time in this scenario.

Things seem to be working fine. However, I wanted to know the risks before implementing this solution in the live environment.

Any suggestions or directions would help...

Best wishes,
When you open second case in another tab, it changes the $_SESSION variables. If you than go to your first case and submit a DynaForm, the variables from the first case will be written to the second case.

To avoid this problem, I copy the URL to the second case and paste it into a second web browser. For example, if I'm using Firefox, then I open Chrome to view the second case.
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