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found out, that if you remove a control and it`s variable from a dynaform, you can not delete its variable if the origin dynaform is also used with display-mode "read only" or "disabled" as a SUBFORM inside other dynaforms.
Although all changes of subforms are visible, some refereces about the used variables are not removed after they are deleted from the master form. Though you receive an error-message, if you try to delete a no-more-used variable. The error-message tells you that the variable is still used in dynaform "." :!:

error-message-subform.png (6.52 KiB) Viewed 1126 times
For example:
- design two dynaforms, DYNAFORM-A and DYNAFORM-B
- in DYNAFORM-A create a textfield with the variable "textvar0001"
- DYNAFORM-B contains DYNAFORM-A as a subform in mode "view" or "disabled"
- check DYNAFORM-B and see if the textfield is visible.
- now remove the control textfield with the variable "textvar0001" from DYNAFORM-A and create a new textfield with the variable "textvar0002"
- If you check DYNAFORM-B you will see all changes as expected.
everything is fine so far.
- If you now want to delete the variable "textvar0001", which is not used any more in your process, you`ll get the above error message.

Solution/workaround: you have to change the subform-display-mode to "edit" or remove and reassign the dynaform as a subform on every corresponding dynaforms (where you used it as a subform).

This error is not critical, but if you make changes to your process or your developing path creates "subforms" in dynaforms too early, this can be annoying. :(

I filed a bug-report here:

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