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By Palele
At first, sorry for my english :oops:
I have a little problem. Is it possible to automatically save the output generated documents to server? I would like to use them later in dynaform for another user.
Thanks for help :)
By mishika

As and when an Output Document is generated, it is saved to the server.
To access these documents in a Dynaform, you can fetch its details from the database table and generate a link for it.
For details to do this, you can refer the following link: ... _DynaForms

Also, the location where the output documents are saved on the server is:

Example: /opt/processmaker/shared/sites/workflow/files/a03459e1cb9824dac456780eca7b5cf6/outdocs/6663790024dd29d8bcb8212038377266_2.doc

For further details about storage of Output Documents you can refer the following link: ... nt_Storage

Hope this helps

Best Regards

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