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I currently have a scenario where two users can approver in parallel in my process. When both tasks are active, and we try to call the executeTrigger method of the REST API, we are seeing the following error:

- If we login as one of the users and this endpoint of the API, it goes well. But if we login as the other user who has the task assigned, and call the same endpoint, it answers 'This case is assigned to another user' although he has a task to validate.

Are you facing the same error as me? How can we overtake it?

Thanks for your help
Hi Mishika,

I'm attaching our testing process. It was created with version 3.2 of Processmaker.

This is our scenario:
- We've got two different users registered in the platform.
- One of them creates a process, which then arrives in parallel to both of the users at the same time.
- At this point, we execute a trigger through the Rest API, first authenticated as one user, and then as the other one. Trigger is very simple, just contains a die("text") line.
- When we call to the executeTrigger endpoint from one of the users, it works perfectly. But later on, if we call the same endpoint from the other user, it is returning "Case is assigned to other user" response, though the process is currently waiting for both users to validate their corresponding task.

Do you understand the scenario more or less?

Thanks for your help
Testing process
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