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A suggest control "customerName" which the underlining sql is simply selecting customer_id and customer_name from MySQL

For the moment I am using the following logic to detect whether something is found from the database and I am curious on how the others do it with PM?
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if ($("#customerName").getValue() == $("#customerName").getText()) {
// code for result NOT found
} else {
// code for result found
Sorry for the confusion. The query is simply "SELECT CUSTOMER_ID, CUSTOMER_NAME FROM CUSTOMER"

Let's say the table "CUSTOMER" contains records below

1, 'Steve'
2, 'Mary'
3, 'John'

Name of the Suggest control is customerName

If user input and select 'Steve' on the control $("#customerName").getValue() will return 1 and $("#customerName").getText() returns 'Steve', meaning that the two does not matches.

However, if I input 'Nicholas', both $("#customerName").getValue() and $("#customerName").getText() return 'Nicholas'

nothing will be found and below condition if ($("#customerName").getValue() == $("#customerName").getText()) { will be fullfilled

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