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By karentan
Hi all,

I am trying out the trial version of ProcessMaker. I would like to connect to SQL database, and followed the steps on ... nreachable, but still have the "Error Testing Connection: Checking port failed : Destination Port Unreachable" error.
The firewall on the database server is currently switched off.
ProcessMaker - DB Connection Error.PNG
ProcessMaker - DB Connection Error.PNG (17.9 KiB) Viewed 2924 times
Can someone please advise how to resolve this problem?
Thank you!
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By amosbatto
Did you reboot the server where SQL Server is installed after making your changes?

Also check whether both the servers running ProcessMaker and SQL Server have unblocked port 1433 in the firewall (or whichever port you are using for SQL Server).
By karentan
One question, I saw this part about putting the .dll file in the following folder.
But as I am using the trial version online, there is no installation folder.
How do I proceed from here?

Also, the SQL server is also a web server running on Windows IIS. Will this impact anything?
I am not familiar with php setup and web servers, thus all advice is really appreciated.

Thank you.
ProcessMaker - DLL File.PNG
ProcessMaker - DLL File.PNG (67.91 KiB) Viewed 2879 times
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By amosbatto
If you are using the Trial Version Online, then connecting to SQL Server won't work, because the Trial Version uses PHP 5.6 which isn't compatible with FreeTDS.

Currently, the only solution is to install ProcessMaker with PHP 5.5.X on your own server and then use the version of FreeTDS which is compatible with PHP 5.5.X.
By karentan
Thank you Amos, that was really helpful.
I downloaded the Community Edition to host locally and the SQL connection works.
Which brings me to my other concerns, can the Community Edition be only hosted locally?
Also, what is the php version of the Enterprise version? Is there any way I can find out?
Thank you once again for being patient with me as I am new to php and web servers and sort :)
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By amosbatto
PM Enterprise Edition can be installed in any server that uses PHP 5.5 or 5.6. You can check the PHP version by going to Admin > System Information. If you don't have access to the Admin menu, then you can create a trigger which has this code:
Code: Select all
Set this trigger to fire at some point in your process and run a case to execute it.

The Community Edition can be installed in the cloud. If you need to access ProcessMaker from the internet, you can rent a cheap VPS (virtual private server) or use a cloud such as MS Azure, Amazon AWS, etc. For example, Afterburst offers unmetered LInux VPSes for $7 per month and they are reliable in my experience.

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